My Happy Tears Parade

      One of the reasons why I love Hong Kong Disneyland is the afternoon parade. For their fifth year, there is a special and new parade called, Flights of Fantasy. We loved it!

     I love Disney parades but the one in Hong Kong Disneyland always makes me teary-eyed. Yes, it does. It is for the simple reason that a huge percentage of the parade performers are Filipinos like me. In our language we call them kababayan. I totally adore the men of the marching band.

     Their sound, movement, heart and spirit are so familiar and undoubtedly Filipino. It makes me so proud of them that I have to gulp down tears.

         Every Filipino I believe can spot a fellow Filipino in that parade or any of the other shows. There is a particular smile, a gesture, a twinkle in the eye - is is us. Sniff!

     Keep it up, my dear kababayans! =-)

Here are other pics of the parade....a must see...



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