Not Too Shabby, Not Too Chic

     When we began the task of decorating my husband's remodeled family home in Puerto Princesa, a city in Palawan,  one the Philippines' island provinces. We were just so blessed with so much to work with.  Though the house lacks in what I always call 'good bones', the project managed to maintain a balance of pleasant surprises. There were more than wonderful vintage pieces to start with, tableware and a family history eager to be told

     But one thing it did not have though were good bedding. Fortunately my mom 'donated' a lot of hers and I also threw in some of my old ones from our Manila home. What missy matchy??? Uh, yuh!

      As I was looking at the pile of old bedsheets, flat sheets, comforters, there were no pillow cases, the decorating process went from shabby to shabby chic. The pretty prints became pivotal to the interiors of the rest pf the house.  All I needed were even more mismatched pillow cases. Easy as pie during the next home sale at a local department store. =-)

     This is how it worked out...

        So when in doubt, stop worrying about being missy-matchy, ( I just made up that term) go for a color scheme, mix, match and love it!

 We do!=-)

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