Love At First Collage


     Are you a magazine junkie like me?

     Well, last weekend I discovered why God made me one. I was going to fall in love (at first sight) with collage making and my first ever collage making class involved the use of old magazines.

     To me it was not a 'making something out of nothing' thing but since I love my magazines. I turned something I love, detached myself from them (The first exercise was to look through the magazines and tear off what catches your eye.)  and make them into something else. For me it was some experience.

     It helps a lot that my teacher is my old friend, Toots Magsino
Toots is the one standing with the big smile.
     I've loved Toots since high school. She just got back from New York which where she trained and has made a name for herself as an artist. She is truly gifted. =-) ....And now she is my teacher and a very giving one at that.
Even to late comers...
     The class was very engaging and I was surprised how personal it felt.

Look at Vicky making 'kopya". hehehe!
    At the end of the class everyone had big smiles on their faces. The special thing about it was everyone was happy for everyone and our work. It was a lovely Saturday morning!
     This is what I brought home with me....

The class is on-going and still accepting those who wish to enroll. Please email me asmaslog@yahoo.com for more info or click here.


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toots said...

Awww Arlene! You made me want to cry! :) After teaching your class, it confirmed my new-found passion-- to be an educator! Seeing all of you so excited and eager to learn made me have such a great "first day" experience. I too am very excited for the next class!
You did very well and it wasn't just because of your good output. More importantly, you embraced the experience and just ran with it. Your openness will be the key to a very exciting love affair! ;)