Kay Kalui

        Kalui can boast that it is a dining institution in Puerto Princesa. You have not been to Puerto Princesa unless you have eaten in Kalui they say.

  Once in a while, my family and I get the itch to eat in Kalui.
     During our last trip was such a time and we tried to book for three nights until we finally got a table. At first we were all going OA! (over-acting) It kills us that they are our next door neighbor and we can't reserve. =-P
     We did get to eat there during our last trip but we had to be there before 6 in the evening. OA pa rin! Anyhoo, I am happy for the business people in the city. Tourists are now coming all-year round and everyone is happy.
     So we had our dinner. Kalui basically offers a set meal although they do have ala carte dishes as well. We are okay with the set meal and a seafood sisig on the side which the kids like.

I love this simple dessert of fresh fruits on a coconut shell with muscovadao.
     Kalui is not the best restaurant in Puerto but it is definitely one of them. Dining in Kalui is an experience not only of taste but of a concept, a lifestyle. The owner's attention to detail when it comes to the interiors in interesting and constantly evolving. It is so intimately placed out there for all to enjoy from the floor seating in some areas to a mini library in the mezzanine floor, the fabrics, the freshness all around. A friend of mine once exclaimed, "Ang saya!' ("Happiness!")


     So if you are ever in Puerto Princesa, especially if it is your first time, don't miss Kalui.

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