Smittem By Singapore Shop Houses and Then Some

     I was in Singapore with my family recently and I was glad I was able to squeeze in some time to go to a place I have been wanting to see, Ann Siang Hill. I heard the prettiest shop houses can be found here.

     Architecture is my greatest love and there is something about these old Singapore shop houses that just intrigues me.

     I would trade visiting a giant mall to walk through a series of these shop houses any day.

     I know, I know bad pictures but we were such in a rush to catch a dinner reservation at Clarke Quey. Lucky for me and Blue we got to visit this super quaint store while H and cousin Gary were getting lost looking for a bike shop.
      It is called The Little Drom Store. From how it looked outside I was already excited. When Blue and I entered and were both trying to grasp the place, it did not take long for him to say, I get it, Mom it is a garage sale..... Well, sort of...lots of good old vintage stuff of yore.

 If i could reach for one more Earth bag, haha!

Really interesting reads

so this is where all the bomba dolls are

 Look at all the yummy stuff, I did not know what to buy. heheh!
pretty purses

wooden rulers

look, ma a lego bow tie!

     H and cousin Gary were seriously lost and we were still there when it got dark. We should have walked around more. grrr!
     I shall return to this quaint place. Maybe have some gelato or coffee next time. =-) I can't wait.

You can find this store here!

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