Life is a Pique-Nique

     We had a crazy last day in Singapore. For our last hurrah, where else did we go but to Takashimaya. I simply love the basement food court there. So many yummy choices, bright interiors and clean surroundings. I did not enjoy it much this time though, no thanks to the Sunday crowd. But there is always that silver lining.....I just love this coffee/ pastry shop...

     The interiors are pretty, refreshing and I love the name.

     But it was their packaging that did it for me....So pretty!

      I just had to bring home some. Luckily Yellow wanted to try their red velvet. =-)
     I like the unique way that they present their cake slices.
    A coffee shop is not a coffee shop without muffins...
     And we were off...
Potentiol nom-nom-nom in bad.
     The verdict Uncle Bob's in Manila (I mean he is the king of red velvet. For me at least.)  is better but the eye candy packaging and the not bad at all  taste of Pique-Nique's is good enough for me...I mean Yellow. hehe, I took a little bite. =-)
    Meanwhile back in Manila.....where is Uncle Bob's number nga....=-)

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