Peace in A Box

     Prayer is one big part pf my life. Having been convent-bred since I was a little girl, growing up with nuns in the background, my spirituality is one of my life's non-negotiables. I am not preaching that I am a saint and all good, oh no but more of I love to pray. Prayer is pivotal to my sanity everyday. =-)
     This is one value I wish to teach my children and I want incorporated in our daily home life.
     I came up with a prayer box or kit if you want to call it with all the essentials to have a good prayer time.

      It is such a pretty tray which I got here with roomy enough compartments to hold bigger things.

      This is an angel made by Blue. I think it belongs in the prayer box. Don't you think so?

     A book of prayers, a daily gospel booklet and my most cherished prayer book, The Power of A Praying Parent.

     We can share with each other little points prayer 'gifts' us by writing them down in the small notebooks and post-its.....

      There is a rosary (There used to be three...hmmm.) and a small crucifix. I plan to get those battery operated tea candles soon. =-)

      I believe in always looking for ways to do things better, get to do something more. Our prayer box calls us to God, calls us to listen. Even for a short, short while....we are in His peace.

....wait what is my mini scale and paper cutter doing there?? =-<

FabManila is my go-to for a lot of wonderful things like the lovely partition tray in this post.

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