Two Loves With One Stone

     This post is about two of my favorite things; collage making (See my post about it here.) and setting a good table.
     My mom has, what to me when I was growing up, the perfect set of vintage Pirex dinnerware. It had delicate green leaves like a garland around its edges. It can go for Christmas to any day of the year. I used to get a kick out of setting a fancy table complete with all the stemware and silverware to shock my parent's guests. In the Philippines, we are not used to that.
     Well, I have outgrown that but my love for table setting remains.
     In design school recently. we were tasked to do a table setting, complete with a theme,  menu, invites the works. I was excited! Even if i was up to my neck with work, I volunteered to do most of the prep especially the invites, place cards and menu. Why? I wanted to make and use collages for them.
     My group mates and I thought of a ladies book club afternoon tea party. Our teacher loved it. We got the highest score!.......And I had the time of my life. =-)
the invite
the menu

the place card bookmarks
My mind went totally blank with where to put the teaspoon though. 4:00!!

      Teacher got one of my collage bookmarks. =-)

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