A Little Change is Always Good

     To never even bother with changing anything in anything is mortal sin in design. At least that's what I think.
     But life and craziness happens and I found my living room sofa suffering a terrible rut.
Everyone loves my sofa. Funny it is not actually a sofa but the seat of an old farm carriage which used to be pulled by a carabao in the olden days. It is called a garetta. In my living room it functions as the sofa so let's just call it that.
     One day I just had to do something with my 'rutty sofa'. What else can one do do that is fast and inexpensive? Change what's on it meaning the slipcover and the pillows. So here is my 'rutty sofa'.
The sofa accessories are heavily department store finds...=-S
     Without changing anything on the coffee table, just the pillows and the slipcover....
     My kids say it is not 'exactly' better but it's different. I disagree. Blue and Yellow, I am proud to say are getting too confident with being critiques of design.

     I happen to like it.  As long as it speaks to me in a positive way, it's right by me. As the kings and queens of your home, heck live what you love.....(don't listen to them) ...just love it! =-)

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