Endings are Beginnings

     One of my most vivid memories from childhood was looking out my big capiz bedroom window, watching the rain with crayons strewn on the floor and I would just draw the day away. This was the usual rainy day scenario of my youth. I always felt so renewed and content doing this. Up to this day, the rain continues to inspire me.
my rainy day collage
     For me inspiration is God's way of whispering miracles in our hearts. 
    The same feeling of the rainy day scenario happened to me for several Saturdays during my collage making class under New York-trained artist and my good friend, Toots Magsino.
     To me it did not only inspire my classmates and I to come up with collage after beautiful collage but it also inspired many things like a bond between Toots, my classmates and me that is just precious. I think I have written this before in my previous entries. I did not know art can be one of the easiest way to connect with people.
     Last Saturday was our 'graduation'  day but already Teacher Toots has another set of classes up her sleeve which my classmates and I are eager to be part of.
     I want to say I already know the basics of the fine art of collage making. It is something I totally love now. This new found love came wrapped in a pretty package of new friendships.  The course's 'giftedness' has Toots at its helm. She was more than a teacher but a friend leading a friend. Each of us had a unique experience of the class because Toots taught from her heart. A heart to which God whispers many inspired miracles. =-)
ruby's super pretty fabric collage
great work and sticking skills by therese
     So the next time I have a rainy day to spend at home. you know what I will be doing....
my fabric collage

     Here are some pics from our graduation....
     I just love our 'diploma'.
     Till next time, guys!

Toots also is a volunteer/teacher at Carewell.

Read more about our collage making class here.



Therese said...

I love your rainy day collage! I only got to see it now. I feel the same way about this class, Arlene. Thanks for sharing it in your blog! --Therese

Archimom7 said...

My pleasure, Therese!

jeanne said...

Just like "Art", where the canvas is the sea of life
and each stroke of the brush is like each one of us, leaving an indelible mark on one another..as God has purposefully desired it to be.