When It Rains....

     Whenever a new project big or small lands on my lap, I always get excited. =-) This is even if I at times am already swamped. I just feel so honored and privileged to be trusted to do the job especially when it is something I love to do. We have been experiencing a lot of rainy weather in Manila lately. In my past entries though I have explained how I love the rain. So I have been busy….happy busy….
     I began this week with a little project with the kids. I bought this cute book at Powerbooks. 

      I figured it is something we can do together and bring us together amidst the 'usually' chaotic, almost over-dramatized every day. It has worked. Here is one of my entries....

     I love drawing food but not as much as eating it. Kids are shy to have their drawings posted here. I will try to sneak out some soon.

     I am thankful that one of my projects is winding down. A 29 square meter challenge. I like how it is turning out. I also love that it is located just across the street from my Manila office.

     Then of course I have school and my plates.... I am enjoying the two subjects I am taking now; Professional Ethics and Trends in Interior Design. I have gotten slow in drafting and drawing though. No, I cannot blame this on the epidural but I still manage.
      Then of course I have two writing assignments and shoots both due by next week for Goodhousekeeping and Real Living. =-) Thank, God for this little gadget. I can write anywhere.

      But...not to be beaten is Yellow who insisted on having her room re-painted in the middle of the first semester. Grrr! I just couldn't refuse her. So all her stuff are in my room including her, my happy camper.

      Stay tuned and see how it turns out...

     It may be raining outside but the world is raining its love and 'trust' on me...and when it rains, it pours. =-)

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