What's in My Daily Mommy Survival Kit?

     It's 2:36 in the morning and I have beaten the alarm clock again. Some mornings though I am not that early a riser and I am grateful for my in-house wake-up call.
     After it sounds it's first alarm, our day's story begins. Will it be an action packed morning? A mellow dramatic one? During school days though it is never a comedy. I wish otherwise ...=-(...Let the day begin. 
     Here are the other things that help me maintain my sanity. (and decrease the incidence of major outbursts here and there) As a working+student+mom, it can be easy to lose your marbles so to speak.

     In my work as an architect, exact measurements are a key element. I have loved and lost too many measuring tapes. Recently, some have managed to all find their way home. So now I have an entire bowl of them. I never have to look for one anymore.
      Pencils, ball pens, markers....How ideal to have them all in their respective containers. In my complex household of kids and helps, it becomes close to the can-I-just-pull-my-hair-coz-I'm-pissed level of frustration. Hence the just-dump-it-all-here pen holder. I have a 6 inch by 6 inch square glass vase for this.
      I bought this stamp set during our last trip to the States. I get to play teacher to the kids and give them pats on the back for good work. They need it constantly.
      Sweet perks. Nothing like sugar to raise and exhausted me's spirit.
      Thank God for Lego. My kids' imagination continues to soar and their childhood prolonged.
     These clips put together anything and everything. Bills, receipts, school circulars.
     Okay, okay I need to replace them but my reading glasses and its packaging tape first aid is still a big help.
     Lastly, I am never alone. What's hard becomes easy. What's crazy, at the end of the day makes perfect, poetic sense. =-D
    How about you? What's in your own survival kit?

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