North Perks: Felicity Patisserie

     Nowadays, thanks to Starbucks, cafes have been sprouting like mushrooms all over the country. Most of them follow the Starbucks-ish package of dark interiors with a play of browns, army green and mocha. I don't mind. It is warm, cozy and intimate. That is why it works.
     A few days ago an old friend sent me this link about a cafe so near where I live.
     I live in the northern part of Manila. It is not exactly the 'happening' place but I love living here. It may have its inconveniences in terms of the distance and time my family and I spend on the road to anywhere. Anyway, ze link made my mouth water. Felicity Patisserie, I am so gonna be there.

      It took a while to convince H to go with me. I had to threaten him about going with another friend...We went just a few hours ago and its name could not be more apt. It was Felicity!

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      I loved the place instantly. It looks like it has been around for a while though. The manager was there but I did not get an ambush interview. Though she seems really nice.
     The interiors were laid back and very Decor8 if you ask me. Lovely and refreshing! The cafe scene could seriously use some of this.

  But we have not talked about the food...

     For starters we had manna crisps...hmm!

One plate of pasta each for H and me.....
Kai Vigan Pasta
      The bread that goes with the plate of pasta is also yummy! They are for sale at the cafe. We were having a great, not so light lunch. Dessert was the Frozen Brazo De Mercedes. Too good! I had to stop myself from doing the happy dance at this point. How can I get so lucky?

      We just had to take some Felicity home with us to share with the kids... I couldn't choose...

We ended up getting them these....
Red Velvet Cupcakes
Graham Cracker Cheesecake
     I know, I know calories...calories...Well, as far as I am concerned; love handles and all, I can always make room for felicity.

     (Happy Dance...sorry I just had to.)

2F Unit F Holy Spirit Drive corner Don Matias Street,
Don Antonio Heights Subdivision, Quezon City
Tel. No. 442-2660
Open from 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily

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