Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen: Eating Vietnamese-ah!

     The last long weekend found my family, extended family and I enjoying the rainy, er stormy weather indoors where else? We were just a short drive away from Tagaytag and all we planned to do and eat but the weather made us do otherwise.
     It cleared up a bit Sunday and we got to hear mass at the Chapel on The Hill of the Don Bosco brothers amidst strong winds and a short power failure.
     God rewarded us I believe with a wonderful meal at Bawai's Vietnames Kitchen at Sandari Batulao. It is my new favorite Vietnamese restaurant. Come to think of it I don't really have a
favorite one until now.
   It is a family-owned resto of the Tatlongharis. The couple's son, Paul inherited his mom's culinary skills and was our chef and most gracious and funny host for lunch that day. =-))) My sister told me that their other branch is actually their home and is warm and quaint but I like the place in Sandari. Look!

The koi pond did it for the kids!

     But it was the food that did us all in, kids included. Everything we ordered was prepared and cooked perfectly. Some dishes did take a little longer to be served but it was all worth it. Prices are reasonable too. I wanaa go back!

     For starters we had these...Chao Tom and Goi Cuon

       and we drank Pandan Iced tea...

     The kids of course had noodles, Pho Bo

     Those trying yo eat healthy all had the shrimp salad, the Bun Tom

     We all loved the prawns, Tung Rang Me

Goi Thit Tom

      We ordered a chicken curry dish too but the mouths were too quick for my camera....
       And so we ended the meal with Vietnamese coffee, my love... and a cuchinta-like sweet which was also so yummy, Pandan and Yellow Mong Bean Cake

How can you not love this?

Check out Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen here
Do reserve and call in advance. They do not accept walk-ins.

 Thanks for the treat, guys!

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