C is for COOKIE!

     My classmates in design school have been abuzz for while about cookies. I read about it on their facebook status and comments, heard them talk about it in school. I was drooling... and hurting inside. Haha! Where are they getting them from anyway? Finally I bumped into my professor, Arch't Edwin Enriquez and I learned his wife Timmie bakes them...Hmmm...I shall order! I checked out the facebook page of The Cookie Dream. Chocnut Cookies, Cookies & Cream Cookies, I couldn't decide on which to order so I settled to order four flavors first.

     I promptly received an email reply from Mrs Timmie Enriquez that I can pick up the cookies in school the next day. :-))))) Arch't Enriquez himself handed me two brown bags of cookies. I told him to which he chuckled, "I'm excited!"

     Yellow who was on a school holiday was in the car waiting. We were not even two blocks away from school and she had already sampled all four.

     If you used to watch Sesame Street and how Cookie Monster used to gobble up cookies, you wouldn't think of eating The Cookie Dream's cookies that way. It wouldn't be fair. These cookies, every single kind we tried that day deserve to be savored, bite per bite to the last crumb. No not an om, nom, nom but more of a hmm-mmmm!!!

     Each cookie is inspired and actually made with everyone's favorite chocolate bar. =-))) How dreamy is that?

     I totally love and support home bakers. I can just imagine their homes engulfed in the sweet smell of their creations.

Cookies & Cream
Dark Choco Chip Kisses
Hershey's Semisweet and White Choco Chip
Chocnut. Yes, our very own Chocnut
     Our instant favorites were the Chocnut and Cookies and Cream. =-)))

     Find out more about The Cookie Dream here. 

     Now I know what the kids in school are talking about. I can't wait for my next cookie stash....RAISINETS!!! Hmmm, mmm! 

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clarbear said...

Cookie Dream is one of the best cookies i have tasted. I'm really picky when it comes to my cookies; but i must say, they have captured my heart and belly <3