Sunday Foodie Sunday: Hits and Misses

     I was dreading last Sunday. I was afraid it was gonna be another diet challenging, belly bulging, non-stop burping day. We had a breakfast invitation. a food fair and a lunch invitation as well. I mean not on a Sunday when you are so programmed to eat, indulge and ignore the calories....

     Anyway, the day began with a leisurely drive to the Ayala Triangle. We were to have breakfast with close family to celebrate a birthday. I was excited about the place BFAST. I love Chef Laudico, even his Selecta ice-cream concoction I so love. I liked the interesting interiors right away. I love that it was designed green.

Thumbs up though for green design!

     Sadly my excitement was thwarted by how terribly late the staff was in preparing the breakfast buffet. Finally when it was served, still not everything though everything was terribly oily. Whatever flavors or innovative efforts the chef intended to share was so hard to appreciate. It did not help that the staff took forever to serve our drinks from a simple bottle of water to coffee. Good company though made up for it- at least.

     Between breakfast and lunch my kids and I stopped over Podium in Ortigas to catch the Pinoy Eats World fair. The free native bag was enough a come on for me. hehe!

     We found and tasted quite a number of good stuff. My friend Toots strongly recommended Irving Farm's coffee, It is 100% organic and is know to improve your skin and even aids in slimming down. Hmmm?... Give me some of that!

     Right beside it is a stall that sells interesting cookies and pastries, beautifully packaged too. We loved the apple strudel!

      We had to skip the paella though it looked really yummy....

     OC's Kitchen was there too and I met Aleth who is the sister of my former office mate Anna. Check their facebook page here.

     They have come such a long way in terms of their products. So nice to hear of such passion.

     We especially liked their camote and taro chips with three yummy dips too. A must try and must buy too are the two-bite brownies. (also recommended by Toots)

     It was a fun and intimate affair...and yummy!

    Another things we enjoyed and brought home...

     I won't tell you about lunch...you don't want to know.

(had more pics to post but my desk top is acting up....)

                         .....till next time!

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