Tween Room Update

     Remember my 'rainy' week? Well, I survived it. Of course, because of God's grace,we all do. Just in case you are curious about how Yellow's room is turning out. Allow me to share some pics...Sorry, nothing final yet....Let me refresh your memory with some before pics here.     

     See what we have been up to...

      First up, the walls. We instantly loved the light turquoise. =-)

     Yikes, Yellow and I were not liking the pink on the drawers and shelves at all....gulp!

     But putting all her stuff back with the exclusion of trash, clothes that no longer fit and others was the most challenging task of all.

     Still in the mock up stage...for me anyway.....


     I chanced upon this mid century modern office desk in a yard sale. P2,000 only. No kidding!       

     She seriously needs new bedding....Perhaps a little black?

      She loves where I temporarily placed her desk though I intended to put a two-seater there.

    Well, how are we doing? =-)

    Happy Wednesday!

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