Back to the 80's: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

     Well, whattayaknow it has almost been 25 years since I graduated from high school and of course the grand homecoming which in my Alma Matter is called the Velada is beckoning.

     I have not been doing as much as I had planned to do with regard helping out in the preparations, fund raising and everything because my life has been crazy. I saw to it though that I would be there for my batch's biggest event before the Velada which is an dinner/auction/bonding night entitled, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

     I promised my good friend, Toots I would be there early to help her set-up the bidding table. The place was all prettied up to be 80's. Honestly I am not a big fan of anything 80's except the music.

     The colors were indeed 80's black, white and red which is making a comeback now. Scary!

     Guess who was my early drinking buddy that evening? Gotcha, Sr. Carla!!!

     There was an AC's Got Talent thingy and I was to sing back-up with my two besties. I was nervous about it. So I was not really the best photog that night but I tried. Hick!... Hee!

Can you take the 80's fashion?
Me and my besties
So nice to see 'familiar' faces that night.
Our two super sexy hosts
While I re-ya-lly like the outfits of the two hosts....
I wish they covered their shoulders....
Trivia: Guy on lead guitar is Eazer if True Faith....You aaaaare...never mind...

  The night was a great success. Three cheers to all who worked so hard to make it possible. It made everyone look forward to the Velada next year. =-)

     Now, where are my shoulder pads and hairspray???

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