Simply Happy

     I am a lucky girl. I celebrated my birthday four times this year; the first one with my Saturday art class buddies, the second one with a quiet dinner with H and the kids, the third one with my co-mommy friends and the fourth one I shared with my cousin, Ana and the rest of our extended family. Meet our HAPPY SUNDAY group....

      When both my grandparents were still around, Sunday lunch was always spent with them in their home in Quezon City. Nowadays we still manage to meet up at least twice a month and have stayed close. Birthdays of course are occasions we don't fail to share with each other.
    It was one of those crazy weekends and I couldn't really do much in terms of decorating for the lunch and stuff. I settled for a Mondrian themed luncheon. Easy! haha! It began with the cake...
   My niece Sheelah Pe made this for me. I picked up the colors of the cake and brought them to the table setting. =-) Sorry no centerpiece....Like I said it was one of those weekends.....
      In case you have not noticed, I also made my guests wear the same colors for 'phtotogenic' purposes. I love doing this and the pics come out so much better.

   But what is all the fuss about the color theme for if the food is so-so. I had that covered because again my niece Sheelah cooked for us a scrumptious meal. Look!
      My mom who cannot NOT bring anything to any party also brought this.
    and lanzones from her farm...Yum!
    It is not hard to make an otherwise simple celebration special. A few simple touches often more than suffices.
    Now to open my presents. What?? No one gave any? LOL! The perils of getting older....

You can reach my niece Sheelah Pe and have your very own private chef at home through 09178321516.

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