Panic @ 33,000 Feet

       Whenever I need to fly I do not mind flying Philippine Airlines at all. In fact I would rather fly PAL. The biggest reason aside from its friendly staff, is the airport. If you have been reading the news lately our  Ninoy Aquino International Airport I is one of the worst in the world. I cannot disagree. As an architect, I still see the airport's good bones but the upkeep and the maintenance is a nightmare. Philippine Airlines patrons do not see this as PAL uses the newer, better-maintained (but am not saying wonderful still) NAIA 2 and so does our government so there. That is probably the reason why the government is so clueless.
     So I try to avoid our infamous airport and ride PAL every time. But last week on a trip to Hong Kong with my family, I found myself in the middle of anger, panic and disbelief. After the pilot announced that breakfast will be served. The stewardesses began handing white, rectangular boxes out.

     From afar they looked like iPad boxes.

     When I opened it, I was shocked. Is this breakfast? PAL, how could you? I couldn't believe you would sink this low. 

     I skipped having anything at the airport thinking of the hot meal I was gonna have on the plane so I munched away on whatever.

     Then when my iPad box was almost trashed the stewardess opens it for me and places a hot meal wrapped in tin foil. Waaah! wait, let me clear the ...okay just put it there. 


     Nonetheless, there was no coffee or tea....but I finished it all out of sheer relief. I do not even remember if it was good or that pakbet does not go with corned beef. Ek!

     On our flight home though, we were served the standard airplane food tray. Whew! I obeserved though that everything is disposable now; tray, dessert dish - everything. Even their not so disposable utensils (which I take home) are now cheap disposables. Boo! Poor Mother Earth!

     What happened that morning? Is that how breakfast will be from now on on board PAL?

     Anyway, I can complain and dramatize this but I will still ride PAL if only for the more decent airport.

    Oh and it was fun playing Tumbling Tower with the leftover crackers....

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