Not Another Manic Monday

         I love Mondays. I love Mondays because to me they echo a fresh start. I love Mondays more when they are busy ones. Yesterday was such a day, I had a job site meeting at at 8:30am, followed by another trip to the home depot to buy tiles, followed by traveling around 60 kilometers south to another project that is in the landscaping stage.
     Since I had no choice but to leave home at 6 am to avoid the rush hour traffic, I was early for my 8:30. I have not had coffee and no wonder I was a zombie. What to do? Head to Starbucks. =-)
     I already had a breakfast sandwich in the car but hmm...I did not want just coffee. Lo and behold, this morning Banana Hazelnut Tart was staring me in the face as if to say, "Try Me!" So a tall Caffe Americano and a Banana Hazelnut Tart it is.

     The pair was pretty good. It made me a happy, white banana-lovin' monkey. I always have black coffee with anything sweet. But the tart was not at all too sweet and the hazelnut goo in it was just right. I enjoyed the flaky crust too. (hmm...I think I will have one again tomorrow. LOL!)

     I was so ready for my first meeting.....

.....and the rest of the week.

     Bring it on!=-)

     Thank you, God for fresh tarts...er starts and Mondays! =-) Hee!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Maslog! Is there any way I'd be able to email you an invite to an event? Can't seem to find any contact info on your page, thank you :) Raisa Tan of WhenInManila.com

Archimom7 said...

Hi, Raisa!
You may email me at asmaslog@yahoo.com. Thank you!