Sweet Circles

    Last night, we ate in Cerchio with my with mom's side of the family. We all heard mass together and H and I suggested we eat there. It is a good thing we made reservations since the place was packed. Read about my previous post about it here. I am so happy to announce that they have solved the shared washroom problem. Now there is a separate gents' washroom on the second floor. Not only that, Cerchio has adjusted their menu and the food is now even better. I, as a costumer really appreciate it when restaurant owners consciously and constantly think of ways to please their patrons. Cerchio was not at all bad before. In fact it is one of H and the kids' fave. With the recent improvements, we love them even more. Muchas gracias!

     Meanwhile on to other wonderful news, we just discovered Monfort's Kitchen in the Karl Edward's Bazaar at the NBC Tent a few Saturdays back. We brought home the following goodies.

 Revel bars
 Choco Chip bars

 ...and my favorite the 
Fudgy Bon-Bons!
     Do try to visit them at the tent. The nice lady selling them is also so sweet which is a plus. =-)

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