The Legendary Prince Signature Cheesecake

     It was great staying at the Prince Hotel again in Hong Kong. I think it is still in one of the best locations. Especially for my parents, who travel more to enjoy their grandchildren more than for themselves, the shops, good restaurants are all a short stride away.

     For two afternoons during our last trip. I kept on seeing at least 30 blueberry cheesecakes displayed in the hotel coffee shop's mall side entrance. For them to bake so many daily, these cakes must be good, says curious foodie me....But I wanted to resist it until Yellow said she wanted to treat everyone to it on our third afternoon there. Do I have a clone or what?

      So we brought this up to our rooms.

     I loved the packaging. So 'hotel'!
     It was HK$ 60 for a nine inch cheesecake, very reasonable. 

     My mom who is a cheese lover made sure every one of us, we were 12 had a slice. No worries!  We all don't need the extra calories anyway.

     It was delicious, not to sweet at all. The top together with the blueberries blended so well with the almost cake like topping. The cheesecake is one of the best I have had. No wonder it calls itself - The Legendary Prince Signature Cheesecake. =-) (Happy dance!)

     So if you are, will be staying in the Prince Hotel or will be visiting Ocean Terminal or Harbour City or that area soon, do not miss this.

    Yes, I am talking to you too, Perti! =-)


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