Motherhood & the Traveling Bag

      When I am traveling, I get very particular about what is in my bag. I am thinking safety, grooming, organizing, staying clean etc. I like laying out my stuff every morning to check if I got everything in.

     For a warm autumn day in Hong Kong, the following are 'in my bag':

Top (Left to Right)

1. Umbrella
My friend Cinty gave this umbrella to one of my kids. Mommy is the one who keeps it in her bag. =-)
2. Antibacterial Lotion and Alcohol in a see-through,
zippered case.
This passes for a sealed container for fluids through airport x-rays.
3. My Camera
I am now using a very reliable Canon S95.
Camera Case from Space Encounters
4. Rosary in an Old Tiffany poach
5. Jelly Beans
My fave is caramel popcorn
Of course I have food!
6. Muji Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste Set
7. My Jurassic iPhone3G
8. My Travel Wallet
I have been using this wallet for at least four years now. It has four zippered compartments. Perfect when you are bringing several currencies. This is from my bazaar suki Tessa of Travel Essentials, Check them out!
9. Kipling Cosmetic Case
10. Tissue and Wipes
11. Small notebook
My boss Rach gave me this, so cute!
12. My red Lamy ball pen
13. Re-usable bags. One is Envirosac and one is a re-used Citysuper shopping bag!
14. Denman Hairbrush (not in photo)

How about you, guys? What's in your bag when you travel? =-)

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