A Sunday Happy Sunday - AGO!

Lunch at Mom's canceled because of Paquiao fight. Go Manny!

     This is the text message I had to sent my siblings and cousins about our regular Sunday lunch. I am not a boxing fan but I am extremely proud of Manny Pacquiao. I also know for a fact that the Pacquiaos are such good people. They truly deserve everything they are enjoying now. =-)...And yeah, GO MANNY!

     Since I have no plans of watching it live, this leaves me time to work on my school thesis and source items for my shoot for Real living magazine... and one less Sunday of my life pigging out with my family....

     But the day will feel different. I miss my mom already. 

     Two Sundays ago my family and I ate in  Din Tai Fung one of my fave Chinese restaurants. Their place in Kowloon is just across our hotel at the Silver Chord mall on Canton Road.

    There was a bit of a queue so if you can call before going there, do so.

   I am ready! Where is the food?

    My nephew, Manu is ready too.

      My Mom and Dad! 

     People, people everywhere!

    I cannot pass up hot jasmine tea....Sluuurrp!

 My Lolo (grandpa), my ATM machine!

     Don't ask me what we had.  Don't know their exact names...

   My most favorite of all is the xiao long bao. =-) Yummy soup dumpling!
My poor Blue too excited for the xiao long bao


The aftermath!
     That was one great fight! Haha!

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