Home Visit: And Baby Makes Bliss

     A good friend of mine became a mom lately and I have never seen a more radiant, happy mother than her. Her joy is reflected throughout her cozy home. I have enjoyed paying her home visits. We shared mami (noodle soup)and siopao (steamed buns) one time before she gave birth and most recently I discovered that Pan De Manila has good banana bread. Thanks to her! Irregardless of the occasion, her home is as true, as welcoming and as sincere as she is.

     Like a over-aged Nancy Drew, I stole some snapshots around her apartment, things that make it distinctly her and every inch a home. With her permission and my current obsession with Instagram, (Thanks to Chinggay!) I am sharing them. =-)

Isn't it lovely?
But here is my favorite...

    I think I might just drop by again soon...=-)



chinggay said...

cute! instagram is my current addiction.

oh and the cheese pesto pan de sal and the pan de coco are great at pan de manila too!

Archimom7 said...

wow! okay, noted. thanks!