My Coffee Prince Date

         Lately, whenever H is not around I have been going out with someone else. Yep! He just totally gets me and most of the time follows what I say. 

     Recently, we went on a coffee date. I was craving for my new favorite - purple potato latte from Subspace Coffee House. He gladly agreed, no resistance. He is really my kind of guy...but I am not done with him yet.... 

     My son Blue!

Subspace is to me one of the best looking coffee chops in Manila. Whenever I am there, my camera goes mad. This time it's my Instagram. haha! Enjoy!

Read more about Subsapce here.


Coni Tejada said...

how did blue find subspace and the purple potato latte? :-)

Archimom7 said...

He said it's for grown-ups. He loved the baked mac though. :-)