Thin Is IN!

     .....in between two slices of bread that is. 

     I am so lucky to have a Danish friend, Janus. Janus is married to Maria who happens to be one of the loveliest friends I have from high school. Together with their daughter, Tara and their legion of pets headed by Pookie they make a beautiful family. My friends and I have stayed with them in their lovely home in Shanghai a few years back and were witness to their fun, easy, kind and generous ways.

     Also during our short stay, Janus introduced and shared with us a sweet Danish treat. I think to say treat is an understatement. So I am sharing it with you ...but only through cyber world...the drooling is up to you. Wink!

     Meet....Geez, pronounce as you please...but at home we simply call them chocolate thins from Tita Moppet.


     This is how they look like.

     This is how you eat them....

      Just spread butter on a piece of bread, add the chocolate things. Pop them in the toaster oven and viola.....!

Crazy, Yummy perfection!!!!

These guys will not disagree. 
Hey, leave some for me!

     Thanks, Tita Moppet 
and Uncle Janus!

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Coni Tejada said...

it looks yummy!!! :-)