Filipino Breakfast

                            People often complain about where we live. It’s so far! I don’t know that place. Blah! Blah! H and I learned never to take offense but silently over the almost thirteen years we have been staying north of Manila, we know. We know how people complain about it translates to do they really want to come over?  It is almost mathematical magic! Our sincerest and truest friends (and relatives) do not mind the extra 30 minutes and yes, it is only thirty minutes anyway from the Quezon City Hall, 20 minutes from the University of the Philippines. In fact from The Quezon City Hall, it will take you longer than 30 minutes to get to Pasig or Greenhills. Shocking but true!

     Over the last Christmas holidays, since we were leaving for the States my mommy friends came over and we had our own little celebration early. My mommy friends have no qualms about coming over.  Breakfast is the group’s fave time of the day. I prepared a Filipino breakfast. I am no food expert, correct me if I am wrong but to me the typical Filipino breakfast are the silog meals. Si stands for sinangag or garlic fried rice and log stand for itlog or egg which can be scrambled, fried or poached. But silog is just 2/3 of the Filipino breakfast fare which actually has a preffix. The preffix changes depending on what you match with the silog. Example:

Tapa (cured beef)  = Tapsilog
Tocino (cured pork) = Tosilog
Longganisa (native sausage) = Longsilog
Adobo ( Pork or beef stewed in soy sauce, vinegar and garlic) = Adsilog

      Of course with Pinoy wit and humor the list can go ridiculously on. =-)Spamsilog for example. Yes, Filipinos love Spam. Hotsilog for you've guessed it hotdog. haha!

           Best eaten with tomatoes, salted egg and vinegar. Yums! (except for the Spam and hotdog. Ek!)  

     Here are takes of our little Christmas breakfast celebration…..

    The setting. Simple and Filipino.

     The food....

Danggit from Palawan
Chicken Tocino
Beef Tapa

I also prepared bread in case someone does not want to eat rice. No one ate the bread. haha!
     Of course the eggs.....

     We missed Hellen that morning.

Cecil almost ran away with our jazzy Christmas frog.

           This Christmas I gave out Kidsmile pack of 5 Earth bags to my mommy friends. Kidsmile helps street kids. Learn more about them here.


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