Gifts That Bless

     Hi, everyone! I am back and boy, do I have a backlog of things to share. 

     First of all, I hope you all had a blessed Yuletide and a wonderful start for 2012 like I did. 

     I am excited to share with you this, my very first post for the year. 

     Before we left for our Christmas vacation, I was up to neck with work, school, get-together with friends and of course preps for the trip. Regrettably, I did really have the time to shop 'personally' for my family and friends. H and I discovered a lovely alternative which I hoped the recipients would appreciate. 

     Fr. Dennis Paez of Don Bosco together with his talented scholars make religious icons as a way to raise money. Whatever they earn goes to the schooling of the boys. They are trained in either machine work for automobiles or boats. I tell you, they could not make lovelier icons. H and I were in love with them instantly.

     These are door knob icons...

     I really love these. They use actual photos of the icons and then antiqued and embellished.


     These are the boys at work...

     It was really inspiring to meet them and Fr. Dennis. 

     It is like a holy version of Santa's workshop but much better....

     These are some of the items we bought for Christmas for friends and family. Fr. Dennis gladly blessed them already.

     You can imagine that we took our sweet time appreciating the masterpieces of Fr. Dennis' scholars and this made H hungry. Luckily, there is a bakery also being run by Don Bosco on our way out. H was happy...


     I can use one, no, two of these bakery ensaymadas now. Please with black coffee.

      You can have icons made to your own specifications too. Just drop by Fr. Dennis' workshop in Don Bosco Makati and help send these boys to school.



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