I Have A Cupcake Dream

         I have a dream.

     I would love to put up my own cupcake business. I know cupcakes are both the buzz in desserts these days and the cliche as well but nonetheless I love them.

     Problem is aside from having too much on my plate right now, I have not baked a single cupcake in my life. Wait, do not click that mouse to go to another website just yet.... Thanks! I was crazy about baking. WAS because that was one summer of my childhood. I was ten. Success or failure, there was always someone who was willing to eat my creations even people who live a block away. Geez, we  must have had very hungry neighbors. Oh, well...

     Dreams after all may begin from the smallest of loves... much less, from thin air. Haha! I am excited to smell of vanilla and chocolate or cheesecake. I want to see myself icing them into cute little things. I want to serve the best coffee with them....I want to keep a pretty little shop....

     For now though I will simply enjoy, the dreaming part. I love  visiting small cupcake shops here in abroad. I never leave without a box of four. Oh, I love the boxes. Holding them and smelling the sweet delights....Then I let Blue and yellow gobble them all- most of the time. Yes, another problem is I can't even enjoy them in wanton abandon because of my diabetic gene pool.

     Anyhoo, that will go up on the shelf for now and be a good-thing-to-do-someday kind of thing. We all have these, right?

     When we were in downtown San Francisco recently just a few steps from our hotel was Cako.

    I like the simple design of the oh, maybe 3 meter by 3 meter store. Really cute and cozy!

     The entire store window is lined with narrow glass shelves. wide enough to sit the cupcakes. Look behind us.

    One pretty cabinet....

    We ordered four (of course) and enjoyed them in our hotel room. I have forgotten which flavors we got but for sure we got a red velvet.=-)Still, like most desserts in the States, too sweet for my taste but a pleasure enough to take small bites of.

     Learn more about Cako here.

     As for my dream cupcake business? 
     SSHHhh...for now.

Union Square
211 O'Farrell Street (at Powell)

San Francisco, CA 94102


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