Ampy, The Color Purple and the Best Puto Bumbong of My Life

     All of us have our list of favorite things and way up there on my list is puto bumbong. I want to take advantage of having this blog to do a mini tribute to this dish that I know is also loved by many.

     Puto bumbong is a sweet dish eaten either as a snack or a dessert made with purple ground rice. Bamboo tubes are half filled with rice and placed upright on a special steamer. When done the rice cakes are pushed out by pounding one's wrist of the hand that is holding the bamboo tube. 

   I have always eaten my puto bumbong with brown sugar and grated coconut but recently I JUST HAD THE BEST PUTO BUMBONG OF MY LIFE!!! 

     My mom had guests at her farm over the weekend. delegates from the Flora Filipina, an international convention organized by the Philippine Orchid Society. The POS hired a caterer from Bae Laguna and a little lady named Ampy and her daughter were serving the puto bumbong. She said she raised nine kids cooking puto bumbong. WOW! More popular as a dish served during Christmas time especially after dawn mass, Ampy for so many years has poised herself outside the church in Bae Laguna with five steamers. Another WOW!

     She said she has no secrets only the right ingredients. She taught me something new that day though. She used fresh shredded coconut meat instead of grated old coconut meat. Talaaaaap! (Yummy!) I don't think I can have it any other way after this. This is besides the fact that her puto is soft and has just enough chewiness, not dry as some tend to be. Gluttony got the better of me and I had three. (Bowing head down in shame.)

     More than anything what struck me more was Ampy's faithfulness to this delicious dish as it has been faithful to her and her family. It just shows that each of us  has a calling and usually by Divine Providence it is one that we will not only love but one that will help us actually live out more than what we at first can only dream of.


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