Here & Now

     I have said this before and I am going to say it again. Being a parent is crazy bittersweet. Just this morning over breakfast H and I realized that we have been shuttling our kids to and from school and our home for the past nine years. Wow,  how can that be nine years already so fast? In a matter of months or hopefully years, Blue will no longer let me hug him and riddle his face with kisses anymore. I will be left with overstuffed photo boxes and memory cards to remember.

     As time speeds away, I just teach and remind myself to focus on the here and now - and all that is here and now even the most ordinary, mundane little things. Each one is connected by timeline to the other to make up the gifts I enjoy today. 

     In two weeks Yellow will be graduating from grade school and the face that will look back at me on this car mirror will be that of a high school student come June.

      The number 4 patch on this polo will be changed to number 5.

      It is that time of the year again to pack the used text books and school stuff and clean out the kids' room in preparation for the summer ahead. Gotta get boxes! Need to check on swim suits, our supply of sunblock and while I am at it decide on which classes the kids will be taking.

Blue's room is a zoo.
      We plan to spend a substantial amount of time with my parents too. I mean who can resist being away from this pool? Not to mention my mom's cooking?

     Seemingly simple, regular milestones and events still bittersweet.....How do we parents actually cope?

 We work...
 (Yes, work come to think of it is actually not only a means but also a distraction)

Aiming for at least two turnovers...Woot!
      We complain about the traffic among other things....(Thanks to the Corona Impeachment Trial aired on the radio, traffic has become more bearable.)

     We drink a lot of coffee....(need to focus)

Drown ourselves in take-out breakfasts.....
(since we are always in a rush)

.......and in my case drown myself more in Thai movies on Youtube.... 

P' Shone!!!

   ....and deep in our hearts wish that it will never end.......=-)


Anonymous said...

Aaahhhh, that thing called life. I so love, love, love your blog. Just heartwarming for a working Mom like me. I want to savor every minute with the daughter I was blessed with late in life and after a tragic experience. Your blog makes me want to enjoy the now, than worry about tomorrow and dwell on the past. Thank you to a mother from another mom. God bless. And...please blog more often.

Archimom7 said...

Thank you, fellow mom for posting your comment here. I meet people every so often who tell me they read my blog and it shows in the stats but I am just wondering no one comments much. Is it me? LOL! I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and your kind words. =-) Yes, I hope to keep blogging and sharing. Take care!