If Heaven Was A Store: Anthropologie

           During my college years, I used to look forward to going to Hong Kong so I can go to Ikea. Up to now there is still no full- blown Ikea store in Manila. Since I did not have a house of my own then I would just allow myself to ooooh and ahhhhh at all the Ikea awesomeness AND get 5 copies of the free catalog. 

     Fast forward to the present, I now have a home I love and after eleven years of living in it with my H and our kids, it is about to burst with stuff and memories or stuff laden with memories; books, old toys. clothes, furniture....Waaaah! We periodically do purge and have garage sales and give stuff away but they just keep on creeping up. My story sort of skipped the part where I was actually buying stuff from Ikea, among other stores (not just oooooh-ing and aaaaah-ing) and arguing with H as to how to bring them home and paying overweight luggage. Today Ikea is practically likened to a supermarket of a home store where I need to buy a can opener to replace the old one or I need a new set of place mats to replace the old faded ones. Even more realistic is sometimes my family and I just go there for a quick store tour but actually we go there for hot dogs, Almondy or the meatballs and 5 copies of the free catalog. Haha!
     Somehewre along the way though, the housekeeping saint that I am (meaning one who consciously and conscientiously shops wisely or does not shop at all for her home anymore) stepped into her new, leveled up version of my Ikea heaven!   

(hallelujah, hallelujah, halle-lujah!)

Welcome to

          Do not let the modern facade fool you (This is their branch in Burlingame by the way.) because inside it's all PRETTINESS!!!!

          Okay, can I apply for a job here? Now?

      I had to skip the clothing section this time sine I doubt I will fit in any. (Sigh) Next time!

           I totally love the surround wrap lighting installation. Beautiful!

  I had the entire home section to explore! Just take a look at these pretty pull handles, Yummy!

     ...and even more items for the home.....

I absolutely adore this crocheted bed cover.

Another bedroom vignette.....

    There is also something for the kids. Adorable!


We were on our last leg of our trip and I would not dare challenge H's packing so I settled with a monogrammed coffee mug..... which I had bubble wrapped, wrapped in tissue, placed in a box with a ribbon and a card....Hahahah!

They have design and shelter books too Yep, the ones everybody so loves....Complete your collection here at Anthropologie!

The closets thing you can get to an Anthropologie store if you don't have one in your city is their online shop and website here.

Hey, the coffee mug? I am still a saint, right? Wait for me next time. Anthropologie! haha!

Happy browsing and shopping!

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