When I was Going to Saint's Alp......

  ...I met Conti with seven boyfriends. KIDDING!!!!

     Coni was my partner in crime when I began magazine work as contributor for Real Living magazine. I remember those times to be a crazy, whirlwind of laughs, lots of stories and a sisterhood I've realized I have missed and still cherish today. Coni is no longer with Real Living but still does styling and writing work for Summit Media.

     We met up, last Wednesday for what I did not expect to be a much too quick lunch. Mommy duties.(sigh) We had a more than pleasant and fun time anyway. I am happy for her since she is looking really good. =-)

     I suggested we try Saint's Alp at the new Regis Center along Katipunan since I have read about it. The place was not full but I like it that way. =-)I heard they have branches all over including New York. Hmmm...

     I like the straight forward design and industrial look of the place too.

        I ordered the Taiwanese Marinated Minced Pork rice bowl. I am trying to avoid pork but just had to try this since it was their bestseller.....After having this....I SO MISS PORK NOW!!!! It was yummy!

          I had it with a taro milk tea. Yummy as well but I did not finish it for fear of gaining half a pound with the rice and everything. Guilty!!! My bill for the rice bowl and the milk tea P310. Not bad!

          Coni had a breakfast meal which looked good as well but her more exciting stories distracted me from tasting her food. Haha!

          All these made my day and we said we'd do it again which we will for sure...... =-)

     Till next time, Consky! 

     I call her that.

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