Quick Fixes: Bedroom Clean-Up

     What is your opinion on clutter?

     Me? I hate it. It paralyzes me. Still 'it' happens. Most of the time it is our fault. Who left last weekend's shopping loot by the bedroom door anyway? Who created the pile of magazines under the night stand?

     Clutter to me has a very close bloodline to life. In fact as I was writing this entry and thinking why does clutter always find its way back in our spaces, the only thing that kept popping in my head was because life happens. It is true, come to think of it because if we go on extended vacations, our homes and offices stay the same. Once we are back though, expect all of it to come growing back. It is because we read, we sleep, we watch, we eat, we pray, we shop, we forget, we neglect, we get tired, we get bored.....This post though is not being written to defend clutter because as I have said I hate it but it is a reality we need to face everyday. It is either you ignore it, you're okay to live it (pack rats - hello!) you avoid it, (OC peeps, way to go), right? I choose to engage in battle but intermittently. C'mon how many of us actually can?

     Recently, our bedroom was starting to feel constricting already to me. We still had several items from our previous travel in bags and a few other things that were just there and screaming 'I am clutter. Get rid of me!' to me.  Yes, this was our bedroom. I have no shame. Since I wanted to move the computer inside our bedroom and I needed a different table for it. It was all too prefect an excuse to get to work....
     This was how it was slowly coming along on Instagram..... the artsy-ish picture of clutter.....tragic!

     Here it is after decluttering.....minus the tower of books and other stuff.....TADA!

      AAaaah, I can sleep so much better now......

     A clean space = a clean mind so I was so happy I brought out our new Ikea sheets and bought a cute throw pillow to go with it.....The cute doggie is actually saying, keep the room this way please.

     One thing I fear about getting old is what if I am too weak to do this? To clean, to purge? Then I would simply say I completely understand my parent and most of my friends' parents who were baby boomers. Do not blame World War II for the all the junk they have hidden/ hoarded in their bodegas (storage rooms). They are just tired and old. 

     Scary thought. So before that happens ....BE VIGILANT, TOSS, DONATE, PURGE...as if you will grow old tomorrow.....AN EVEN SCARIER THOUGHT.....

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