Cafe Ysabel: Some Things Never Change

     When H and I were dating Chef Gene Gonzalez’ Café Ysabel was D place to go on a date. We used to frequent other places but Café Ysabel was for special occasions.  Our relationship celebrated many milestones there. In fact the night H proposed, we had just had dinner there and it was my 27th birthday. Okay, let us all say in unison CHEEEEESY! ENOUGH!

    Fast forward to today. Eeek, we have not been there since, until last Tuesday which was Yellow’s grade school graduation.  H and I were feeling nostalgic and sentimental and we thought of going back to Café Ysabel. The justification? She was named after the restaurant. Okay, good enough, right? This calls for another outcry CHEEEEEEESY!!!! Despite the fact that she wanted to have lunch in a hotel that gave out graduation teddy bears. That's ok. I do not want one more teddy bear in my house!

    The moment we pulled up into the parking area one of my kids said,  “ Mom, you love to bring us to old houses.” GUILTY! (If they inherit my love and deep respect for old design and architecture, I will die a happy architect.) 

The beautiful facade

     It was lunchtime when we arrived. There was mix of people; old ladies, medical students, yuppies (Is that word still used?) and we were the only family with kids The place was almost the same as 13 years ago, save for more use of color in the architectural details like window frames and railings. The menu too had some changes but felt the same. I am missing the duck adobo dish which was favorite before and the only thing I ordered then aside from the carbonara. Overall, it was exciting for me to bring the kids there. It surely brought back wonderful memories.

A group of not so noisy lolas/ grandmothers

Pretty painted ceiling

     Sorry so little food pics. We were famished from the graduation rites that I forgot to take pics of some. I did manage to take these……

We could have had more of the delicious bread but we were saving space for real food.

Blue had what else spaghetti with meat balls

     We shared one dessert, the strawberry shortcake.

     Which was gone is 20 seconds. No joke!

     Like small kids after lunch, Blue and yellow went out to watch the koi pond. This made me smile as they are still kids after all. 

     It was good to be back in Café Ysabel. It's a relief that a lot of it is pleasantly unchanged. Old memories were not hard to remember and yesterday new ones with our kids won't be easy to forget…..


 Cafe Ysabel is located at
455 P. Guevarra Street, San Juan Metro Manila

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