How was YOUR Week?

      I openly complained through my facebook status recently how lonely it is for me to be without a job site. All my projects are either in the bidding stage, mobilization stage prior to actual construction or schematic design stage. leaving me job site- less. Before my mind even wonders about how to compare my current professional state to cliches like a jeepney without a driver or a captain without a ship, I would rather wonder about how the week went and did I live it well?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

     My friend and art teacher, Toots is insisting that our class is ready for a show. (Chattering teeth!)  I consider my Saturday art class one of my happy places but the idea of a show is not exactly daunting but HOW? In all trust and faith I look to Toots. Lead the way.....

        The photo above is my first struggling attempt at show worthy skill, I want to call them shoescapes. It looks better than it really is. I am doing this over....for the 5th time!

        That same Saturday, the kids and I finally got to back Homemade Oreo Cookies and they were yummy and so easy to make. =-) Click here for the recipe. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

        One of my goals this year is to start cooking again, I have so been out of the kitchen. I did not know where to start? Taking many steps back, I went all the way back to cooking school....and I was back in the kitchen of my teacher Chef Dorothy Ferreria. Dorothy is a generous teacher, She shares all her secrets with her students. ALL! If you are interested in her classes even for your kids this summer. Look here.
        We learned to cook Spanish Bacalao and other Lenten dishes. They were all so yummy!


       I told myself I will not attend another cooking class unless I try to cook two recipes from the previous class by myself.,,,,Haha! good luck!

Thursday, March 15, 2012
   Surprise! Surprise! I am all of a sudden doing crafts for Real Living and I had to work on that this week. I hate making you guess what the next craft project is but here are a few picture clues...


Friday, March 16, 2012

         Before long it was Friday and Blue is done with exams and we all turned to his school driveway to be greeted with this glorious sunlight and the heavenly Jesuit music on the background. 


   I just got back from Worldbex. It was an interesting show this year. I am excited about some new products. My fave booths are those of UST and UP. 
UST ID Booth
UP ID Booth

          This oh-so inviting bed reminds me how exhausted i am...Yep, it is 5 in the afternoon on a Friday as I write this and I want to end this week already and sleep early.

   And tomorrow.....is a brand new week. Who says Saturdays are the end of the week? 

   Saturdays are my beginnings....Good night, to a week well-spent! =-)

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