Keep Calm & Carry On

     I do not remember when I purchased my Keep Calm & Carry On poster on Etsy. I knew and have read that it was a British wartime propaganda poster. I loved its message instantly. We, Filipinas are loud mouthed drama queens deep inside, hence the attraction to the poster. Heee!  I placed it on one of our stair landings for everyone in the house to see and be reminded of. This comes in handy during mornings when we are running late, exam week or when we rip open envelopes of our credit card bills...Waaah! KEEP CALM & CARRY ON!

     A lot about its being so over-used have been said lately but I still appreciate and enjoy mine. I even don't mind its many variation. I like:

Yup, that could help!
Taking pictures and sharing them is therapeutic!

There are also hilarious ones like this....

     Maybe I will think twice about wearing a Keep Calm & Carry On shirt or cellphone case but as a poster it still rocks!Uh-oh, I sound like my 10 year old.

     This post is actually inspired by a video of the poster's history shared by Heima Store on their facebook page recently. Here is the link....

    Even if you have no plans of buying a poster. It is a message that rings loud and mighty. 

    Now,guys let us actually keep calm and carry on....OMMMMM! =-) 


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Jenny said...

How about "keep calm and carry me" (to work) -paangkas naman