S U P R I S E !!!!

     Sometime last February H and I found ourselves caught by surprise by the fact that Yellow will HAVE to graduate from grade school soon. Our DepEd (Department of Education) is going to apply the K-12 initiative to our school system. Frankly I still can't quite understand how it will be properly applied. Anyhoo, of course there was resistance from some parents not to mention threats of law suits, etc. But I saw it as an additional reason to celebrate, a bit prematurely that is. Yellow is gonna graduate in March. How cool is that?

      Since we were all taken by surprise by the whole graduation hullabaloo, H and I thought match it with a surprise party. Why not? I was so excited that when co-parents from her school were still protesting about it and demanding the school to postpone it for next year,  in my mind I was thing. " Not in your life, we're already planning a party!".

     There was no way we were gonna have a party at home as my house angles would be on vacation on the date I wanted so after a little scouting around we decide on having the party at Felicity Home Kitchen/ Patisserie. It is 20 minutes away from our house and is perfect. Read more about Felicity Patisserie here.

     The owner, Carol De Leon was most gracious and accommodating. She, herself sat down with us and discussed the details with us. This is besides the fact that she hold a job at Del Monte Philippines. Overall the  exchange was very comfortable and pleasant. I knew we were in good hands.

     The other side of the planning stage was the surprise part aspect which was nerve-wrecking! Lesson learned if you want to invite my mom to a surprise party, do not tell her about it, In other words, let her be surprised as well. It was good thing she compliments her granddaughter, Yellow who is  phlegmatic. (which is an understatement)

     We chose an iPhone theme since she loves her phone. I am so grateful to my many accomplices for a successful grad party from my parents, our siblings, friends and extended family. Of course we would not have done it without Felicity Patisserie's oh so pretty place and delicious food

     Here are some takes of party. I hope you enjoy them! Cheers!

The iPhone banner which my cousin Ana helped me with. It is actually a downloadable template.

      Instead of a cake, we opted for these red velvet cupcakes with fondant toppings of app icons.

     Yellow's fave app, INSTAGRAM was everywhere.....

     The dessert buffet: Red Velvet Cupcakes, Blueberry Cheesecake cups, Carrot Bars

 The yummy food!

Beef Quesadilla
Pasta Kai-Vigan meaning Vigan Longganisa

Fried Chcken

Lots of hugs!

.....cute little touches here and there!

 and love from our closest family and friends....

It was truly 
one special day for Yellow and everyone!

2F Unit F Holy Spirit Drive corner Don Matias Street,
Don Antonio Heights Subdivision, Quezon City
Tel. No. 442-2660
Open from 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily

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