Starr's Famous Shakes on My Mind

     It is official. It is pointless to deny it. H is on the road to becoming a G.O.M., a Grumpy Old Man. 

     It is not about being picky about the places we go to, it is about personal preference. If he does not want to go anywhere even if the rest of the family wants to, we don't go there.

     Why am I being a brat???

     It is so hot now here in Manila that  I think I can fry an egg on our sidewalk ..... and I really want to step out and get a frappuccino, a smoothie or a frozen yogurt anything BUT my marital third eye can foresee that H will not take me anywhere......=-((( Haha! Yun Lang? Yup, yun lang! (That's It? Yup, That's it!) Look, who is being pathetic now.

      So I will just think COLD and share a little milk shake place, TWENTY MINUTES AWAY FROM HERE. After I finish this post I will simply turn down the temp on the AC and sleep. If you are near Katipunan, you guys might want to haul yourselves out there for me....

Starr's Famous Shakes
A milk shake bar that will serve even the most health conscious with their lactose-free and low-fat options. =-)

Toppings abound! Take your pick!

The choices are fresh and interesting....

Yellow had the banana split smoothie while I had a strawberry yogurt. Both good and refreshing and COLD!

The interiors are cute and had these Warhol-ish posters of stars...I mean Starrs =-)

Our orders took a while since Yellow ordered food too...
I mean any place that serves corn dogs is an instant winner in my book....Hee!

...and we ordered to-go for the boys at home.....

     It is a delight that it is just behind global fast food giant McDonald's in Katipunan, in a neighborhood familiar to a childhood not so long ago....where I could just step out on a hot, blistering summer day and get a cold fix usually it is halo-halo....Haaaay, (Sigh) I feel better already....=-)...Now to turn on the AC....

Starr's Famous Shakes
We serve low fat milkshakes with yogurt options for the lactose-intolerant. Low fat, low sugar smoothies are also available. Have them the classic way or get as creative as you want with all the add-ins.

G/F Unit A-01 Xavier Residences, 
48 E. Abada cor R. Alvero Sts., Loyola Height 
Quezon City, Philippines


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