Today is another momentous day for sports and for Filipinos- The Pacquiao VS Bradley Fight.

     I have not been a fan of boxing since Rocky and Stallone but I am excited like the rest of my countrymen. I want the Pacman to win. To our country he is a hero.

     I wish to write about and honor people whom I consider heroes as well. 

     What made the Western Europe cruise I took with my family this summer so pleasant and special were the Filipinos working on board the luxury liner, ms Eurodam. From cooks, chefs, reception clerks, admin people, engineers, I salute them all. 

This is Mang Rick who was the kids' favorite because they love pizza.
His own special creation. Only one left!
     They made us feel right at home and I believe it worked the other way around as well. Like most Filipinos I meet abroad, you cannot mask their longing for home.  They were so happy and eager to be of service to us. It was a lopsided exchange though and we as guests on the boat were on the ones who got more pieces of the pie. 

The safety crew, also Filipinos.
     But beyond all that both ends were beaming with pride. The Filipinos were there to give their all and give their all they did; the best way they know how to serve and their best smiles,  We were all so proud of what they accomplish everyday at work, the sacrifice they make for their families and their dedication.

After one of our shore excursions one of the Filipino chefs, fondly called Padre Damaso cooked this mean adobo, a truly Filipino dish. It was the best adobo!

     Their story hits so close to home for me since my own father, during most of my childhood was an overseas contract worker. He worked as a doctor for an American oil company and was also assigned at sea. I cannot forget fighting back painful tears at the breakfast table every time he needed to return to sea from a short vacation. Their stories are real to me. 

  This was during Dessert Extravaganza Night 
where we all gained 10 pounds!

      Leaving the boat after our eleven-day journey meant saying farewell to our fellow Filipinos on board. There was no point in looking back after we've said our good-byes but going separate ways we all move forward with even prouder to be Filipinos, eager to do  even better than our bests.

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