Southern Finds: Bungalow 300

    ' Architects love white." 

     That's what Arch't Gene Flancia said upon seeing my plate for Interior Design class circa 199.. what? 4? (Please do not do the math!)  I had just graduated from college and was earning apprenticeship time to qualify to take the architecture licensure exam and juggling a Basic Interior Design Course at the Philippine School of Interior Design at the same time.

     I looked at my plate and looked at the others I had submitted previously and I was surprised that yes, all my plates and all my walls were white,  In my home now, my walls are white or off-white or sandy white, stone... Except for Yellow's bedroom wall which has been repainted three times already. You know how little girls are,  Otherwise the rest is white, white, white, white.....!

      This is probably the reason I felt right at home at Bungalow 300. It is a home store hatched from the creative minds of two young moms, Marga Espiritu and Vernice Songco. Located in Alabang where life seems slower and more relaxed, the store echoes this and more. The store is a mix of traditional Filipino, mid-century modern and fresh Hacienda-ish lifestyle. ...That said...I super like! Gosh!

     They have an interesting collection of furniture like these mid-century modern dining chairs and this marble top table which is a Bungalow 300 original.....

...   and these Ambassador chairs paired with an interesting side table

A very fresh piece is this cocktail tray.....in pretty colors.

   An all too tempting offering of fine bone china accessories.....I almost bought some....

      More accessories.......

     Interesting modern baskets from Bacolod.....

      Numbered coasters so you won't lose your drinks at parties or dinners....P650 only.


      Wellness and home care products from Ritual. I swear by the Easy Breathing Smelling Salts. I have a bottle in my night stand drawer.

     But it is their throw pillows and placemats that make Bungalow 300 so new, exciting and different. Yes, you're seen them at Dimensione and all over the local home magazines like Real Living. I am loving their new line which is inspired by the native Ikat weave.

     This is Bungalow 300's interpretation of Ikat....

Pretty isn't it?

Even against modern furniture...

     Lucky for my already depleted home budget, I was not there to shop but to borrow/ pullout items for a shoot I was styling for Good Housekeeping Philippines.
     This is the closest my home can get to being laced by Bungalow 300's fab stuff... for now.....Test Styling 1, 2, 1, 2.....
      Thank you, Marga and Vernice! Love the new store, the kwentos and the yummy cupcake. (Yep, I just had to take a bite. haha!)
Bungalow 300

No. 7 Buencamino Street, Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Mon:10:00 am-6:00 pm
Wed:10:00 am-6:00 pm
Fri - Sat:10:00 am-6:00 pm

(02) 519 3143    

Antique furniture, mid-century modern classics and Bungalow 300 designed furniture and accessories


Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog. I'll visit again soon. Do you remember how much the Ikat pillows are? Many thanks!

Archimom7 said...

Hello! The ikat pillows are around P700 plus. Thanks for reading my blog! Do drop by again!

Carlos Miguel De Villa said...

I'm in loss of words to describe how beautiful Bungalow 300 is! Hehehe! Thanks for sharing a great experience with us. By the way, I also found some interesting furnitures here.