Family Ties: A Weekend Home

     A couple of my friends have asked me how come I hardly post or share pictures of my projects. Well, there are several reasons which I would rather not disclose here. I have been blessed with a good practice - happy clients. But the most challenging of all was to build my parent's weekend home. Not the first thing I did for them but it felt like a tall order. It is a good thing I had to do it now that I am older, wiser because if I had been my younger architect self, I would have given up. Haha! It was like my college thesis all over again. 

     I guess I did okay. There is no greater reward than my Papa's satisfaction. He loves the house. Whew!

     Here is our weekend home as featured in Real Living Magazine last April. Thanks to Ms. Rachelle Medina for allowing me to share this. 

     Happy Weekend!




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