Gathering Moments

    Seventeen years ago, I said good-bye to my Lolo. (grandfather) He was 84, had lived a full life, raised wonderful kids and spoiled 12 grand kids. I cried. I cried for my Lola (grandmother) whom he left behind, my mom and myself.

     I thought that was that but I was wrong.

     These past days, it feels like my family and I are faced with losing him all over again and sadder still that this is brought about by another loss. My Tita Linda, my mom’s cousin who used to care for the family's, call it ancestral home in Cabuyao, Laguna passed away last week.

     Even as an architect, I still do not know what to make of the house because it is more of a mid-century chalet than a grand old house since the latter regretfully was torn down in the 60’s. Even as a little girl, I was not impressed by it. It is not a beautiful house but there are other things I loved about it which are synonymous to wonderful childhood memories and those of my dear Lolo.  I remember picking fruits in the yard, playing hide and seek, ball games. My cousins and I had endless fun and laughs.

     With Tita Linda's passing, no one knows what will become of this house, the home of my grandfather's family. I took lots of photos when I was there for the wake. I do not know why I just feel this will be good0bye....

     Allow me to share them with you....Pleasant weekend!

The driveway leads up to a chapel.
This is the prettiest part of the house. These are the living and dining room windows which open to a fish pond.

Across the pond is a grotto that is framed by a big, concrete staircase that used to lead to the kitchen of the old house. Feeding the fishes with bread was a simple yet favorite pastime.
This is how it looks like from the entry of the yard,
Another view of it. My cousins and I loved climbing to the top when we were little.
A second statue of the Virgin Mary faces the front of the house.
A big lanai with a mix of ambassador chairs and wrought iron garden sets welcome you before entering the house. We usually hang out here.
 This is the living and dining room. It is really a mix of stuff.

Going up the second floor are framed photos of the whole clan We hardly went upstairs..
My late grandaunt's collection of trinkets.
I just love vintage Pyrex.
The house is surrounded by a big garden with another pond. I used to be scared to cross this bridge. I think I still am now.
Quaint cement tiles

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, old home. I can only imagine what you can do to update it! Hope you have the chance to do so and if you do, please share the new look with us. Keep the blogs coming!