Happy Saturday Part 1


     I read this line, liked it so much I just had to act on it.

     Most days I am just in too much of a hurry to get home. A to-do list is forever being written, updated and edited in my head; fix the sock drawer,  give Yellow the payment for her flu vaccine, call the violin teacher, do freezer inventory....But these are just to-do stuff - what does make me happy? Can we all ask ourselves that question? Together, out loud with me WHAT - MAKES- ME- HAPPY?

     It is not a hard question to answer. You know what does but most of the time you don't do it or go for it and most mothers like me can relate that there is always something to do for someone else. In my case, even the dog is more important. No, we don't do stuff for others grudgingly, we do it with all our hearts but doing something to make ourselves happy too is not a sin. I believe we actually need it. So for two Saturdays now I have been sneaking some make-me-happy time and both times it was shared with a friend or two. =-) ...so it was not just me...(still guilty)

     Last Saturday I visited the arts and crafts fair at 10Alabama and Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects. I was actually there to root for my friend Chinggay who was selling her pretty origami flower arrangements but I ended up enjoying myself a lot. How nice it would have been if I actually bought stuff but it is not a good time to raid my wallet...So browse and drool I went....

     I especially liked the little cute things Arlene Florendo of Artefact was selling...

     Of course Chinggay of Whimsy and her fiorigami!

     Other stuff I liked were....


   These solid perfume sticks were irresistible!

      Smiling now.