Happily Mundane: My Week (on Instagram)

      Weather is getting weirder and weirder in Manila. It has been a rainy week but temperatures are still high. I know, not a very good equation and everyone is complaining of course. Dreary weather = dreary days and the rainy season has just started.....

     In spite of that, the week sailed too quickly by and the weekend is upon us again. How was your week?

     Allow me to share while trying to sort it out in my head myself, snippets from my rainy week. (on Instagram)

      Can't start the week without a little styling. Here is my night stand with my favorite things....That is my beautiful grandmother in that pretty frame. She was a pharmacist and a graduate of the University of the Philippines. Now, you wonder why I am so smart? Kidding! I love my Lola that's why I want her close by always.

     Rainy weather means bad traffic and much to my earlier resistance I am now reading my fourth book. Surely beats traffic blues...

     Tuesday was the worst day and classes were suspended but I was in Pico De Loro in Batangas to do an ocular for a project. This is the condo lobby. It was hmm...okay.

     At least the resto there serves good food. This was Seafood and Sausage Pasta! Yum!

     My driver never fails to be absent one day in each week....He was absent last Thursday...This makes me immobile which my dog loves since I get to spend time with him....Samson, my chow-chow.

     Plus I had time sit down and work on other stuff.....

     Mundane, ordinary and boring it might have been but it ended on a happy note...This project is almost done and ready for turnover, baby!

     I tried to convince my client to change her mind about the yellow cabinets but it is her kitchen. I think we make a good team. What do you think?

     So happy! It made me think the rainy season has just started we have months and weeks to go. I need to switch from dreary-rainy- weather mode to hey-the-flowers-are-growing, we-need-rain-too or something like that and for me this sunny, yellow kitchen just did the trick!

     Happy Rainy Season to my fellow Manila peeps!

     (I bet some of you know what I have been reading on my iPad...wink, wink!)

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