"Every time we are in a different place we should visit at least one museum."

     My mom said this as we were on our way to the Hong Kong Museum of History and my nephew, Bullet did not want to go. Like any teen-ager, he wanted to use our last day in Hong Kong to what else -SHOP! I, on the other hand was silently excited. I did no want to be the uncool aunt. Hehe! I love museums!(even the boring ones give me solace)

     What was up at the Hong Kong Museum of History anyway? No less than the THE MAJESTY OF ALL UNDER HEAVEN featuring the famous terracotta warriors from the Qin Dynasty!!!!

     How lucky can we get to be in Hong Kong?  It is one of the best exhibits I have visited! I am glad my mom insisted we go.   For 10HK$, I would go again if I could.

There it is!
That is what we are here for!
Blue and my little nephew walking together. They were actually thrilled unlike Bullet!
Stairway art...Uh...but we took the escalator. Good thing there was one!
The museum entrance

     We especially enjoyed the 3D screens where we looked like we were actually in ancient China and rubboing elbows with the terracotta warriors and cranes...and earth shakes....Great Fun!

     This display shows the actual colors of the terracotta warriors then.....

     But this was the best part of the exhibit for me.....It was like actually being there during the construction of the terracotta army pits to their destruction and burning of the pits by the soldiers of Xiang Yu. ... I just had to steal that moment to pretend I was Zhang Ziyi and run through the excavations to which my kids yelled a loud, "MOM!!!!!!".... Oh, well! Look at these....simply wow!

Then we were in the clouds....

     There were also interactive fun stuff where you get to color your own soldier....

This is Yellow's soldier.....

     Then we entered the actual exhibit....

     English and Chinese digital literature to help you understand and enjoy it more....It was fascinating! 

     Plus they had a museum coffee shop that served really good food....

     What we did not expect was that H was going to meet his ancestor face to face....Looks familiar?

The magic of technology....FUN and funny!

     If you will be in Hong Kong soon. DO try to catch this exhibit. It runs up to the 26th of November. Just when I  thought I've had enough of Chinese culture, it gets interesting again.....Now where is our Mulan DVD.....Who is the girl I see? Staring back right at me.....

     Check out the Hong Kong Museum of History

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