Hong Kong October 2012 According to my iPhone Pics

     Spending Halloween in Hong Kong has slowly become a family tradition. My parents, siblings and I agree it is less stressful to travel this time as opposed to the after Christmas trips we used to go on together. Maybe the fact that all of us are married now and have families to take care of, in-laws to spend time with and holiday obligations to fulfill on our own made the trip a bit more complicated.

    In as much as the whole scenario has changed for us from Santa and Christmas trees to witches and pumpkins. It becomes even more different once I checked my iPhone photos. You totally take different photos on your phone; a view of your trip that is more on the micro side of it. I find the pics interesting and cute. Some of these are of those...OOOhhh, I have to take a pic of this quick moments. Allow me to share these pics here. It is Hong Kong according to my iPhone pics.....

Doro waiting to board the plane/
I love passing by the LV store....
Meal so hot it burned my face with my pretty niece, Bern.
So happy we finally stayed in a renovated floor.
Too hot to handle
Uncle Mark's to die for cheesecake.
Sit down please.....
Wanted: Billie the Kid
The Disney Carousel and so many memories.....
Close Encounter of the Mall kind
A sweet stroll with H one rainy night
And we are ready to conquer IKEA!
Where is Joseph Gorden Levitt when you wanna see him?
Someday I hope to do a pink kitchen!
One of our best meals in HK!
Troll pumpkins
Pocky fevah!!!
Exciting things are coming!
Cannot Disney out us yet!
Hong Kong Museum of History
The horror of checking in!

Shopping in the rain!
Foggy harbour

Mad Doro!
Priceless smiles!

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