Binondo Quickly and Then Some

Mission:         To buy a new Christmas Tree
Accomplices:     H and driver, Raul
Time Limit:      30 minutes
Place:           Binondo
Budget:          You won't believe it!

     With the Christmas crowd slowly creeping into downtown Manila and the rest of Manila for that matter, I, the crowd-hater did not have much time. Out on our Christmas tree mission, just driving into Chinatown was already almost scary. BUT I still managed to admire Binondo Church which is one of my favorite churches.....

     Thank, God we were able to find a tree quickly. (though in Divisoria) While driving through Chinatown though, the purple tease that is Eng Bee Tin struck a hungry stomach nerve and we headed back. Eng Bee Tin of course is purple yam/ ube heaven and more! Faster!!! Traffic is building! What happened? We took a longer time in Eng bee Tin than the Christmas tree place. Shame! Shame! haha! But look how happy H was....

Meet Bong Not BiTin

Our first time to try their siopao with purple dough.  I loved it since I am a fan of ube (purple yam) I know it reminds me of a purple Oscar the Grouch. Ack!

This guy was the lone cook at the small store in front of the bakery but he can cook....fried rice, lomi soup and everything on skewers!
Like this scallop thingy yum yum!!!
Our Eng Bee Tin loot

      How's our tree? - In our living room, standing proud and shamelessly untrimmed.....I think we will go back to Eng Bee Tin faster than trimming the tree. Haha!

Know more about Eng Bee Tin here!

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